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May 2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015
River Road and environs, Kent

This beautiful spot up in Kent is one of the premier locations for Cerulean Warbler in the state. We should hear and hopefully see a good amount of these magnificent warblers, as well as catch up with other cool breeders like Hooded Warbler, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Louisiana Waterthrush, Common Merganser, and Blue-winged Warbler. We’ll then check the Macedonia Road Bridge for Cliff Swallow. If there’s time, we’ll check nearby Schaghticoke Road for a similar assemblage of breeders, and perhaps another site in the vicinity.

June 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015
Sterling Forest and Doodletown, NY

We will leave our beautiful state behind in search of some of the fun birds that neighboring New York has to offer. The top target of our day’s birding will be Golden-winged Warbler, but we should hopefully connect with Hooded, Cerulean, Chestnut-sided, and Prairie Warblers, Bald Eagle, Indigo Bunting, and more. There is the possibility of seeing Timber Rattlesnake at the latter location, which would be a huge non-bird highlight.

Monday, June 22, 2015
Annual Meeting

We will hold our annual meeting at some point in late June or early July. Topics currently on the table include club bylaws, upcoming field trips, leadership appointments, choosing a logo, and outreach. If you’re new to the club, this is a great way to jump right into the action.

Saturday, June 27, 2015 – Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Vermont for Bicknell’s Thrush and boreal specialties

Perhaps the most anticipated trip of the year, we will be heading up to Vermont in late June. The definitive highlight of the trip will be a Bicknell’s Thrush banding session in conjunction with the Vermont Center for Ecostudies, but we will also be trying for all birds in the boreal grand slam (Boreal Chickadee, Black-backed Woodpecker, Spruce Grouse, and Gray Jay), as well as the wide variety of breeders that the area has to offer.

August 2015

Sunday, August 30th, 2015
Shorebirding on the Coast

On the last Sunday of August, the CTYBC will set out on a “big shorebird day” in the heat of their migration. With a goal of 20 shorebird species, Nick Bonomo will serve as the leader for our excursion. We will hit a plethora of spots on Connecticut’s coastline, or wherever the good birds are! This will be the first CTYBC trip with Brendan Murtha as Club President.