Big Day Challenge

Since 2011 members of the Connecticut Young Birders Club plan and execute their own town big days. Big days provide birders the chance to get out and explore their own area, wether it be extensive 20 hour + excursion or a more relaxed trip solely for fun. Members will often cover the town they reside in but can also pick another town of their liking. This challenge is a great learning opportunity. Wether it being honing in on certain songs, habitats, or identification skills of certain species. Often times birders find uncommon birds and or rarities in their own town!

More Info: 

  • You can either bird alone or with others. There is not limit on group size.
  • Any bird seen while you are standing in your town counts. Even if the bird itself is in another town.
  • We encourage you to use eBird to record your observations.
  • Scouting your area a few days beforehand can be very helpful.
  • Formal town big days occur during the month of May, as it is the most productive time to bird in the state.
  • Have fun!