Youth Officers

The Connecticut Young Birders Club is led by a core group of Youth Officers. Due to the small and tight-knit nature of the club, we currently choose officers on an “appointment basis” rather than by voting.

The current officers are:

  • President- Nicolas Main
  • Vice President- Aidan Kiley
  • Secretary – Peter Thompson
  • President Emeritus – Alex Burdo + Brendan Murtha + Jory Telster
  • Head eBirder – Aidan Kiley

The President is the face of the club, and is an vital force behind the continued success and betterment of the organization. At the current moment, the president may serve for as long as he or she is eligible to be a club member. The President is appointed by the previous president. Duties of the CTYBC President include:

  • Leading meetings, field trips, and other club endeavors.
  • Serving as a liaison between the club and outside organizations.
  • Working hard to keep the club on a stable footing.
  • Leading discussions on the club listserv.
  • Appointing a ‘cabinet’ of other youth officers.
  • Managing the club’s calendar.

The Vice President is the President’s right hand man, and assists with the duties of the President. The Vice President is appointed by an incoming president to be a part of his or her ‘cabinet’. Like the President, the Vice President may serve for as long as he or she is a club member. Duties of the CTYBC Vice President include:

  • Welcoming new members and supporting new young birders.
  • Assisting the president with the leading of meetings, field trips, and other club endeavors.
  • Managing the Member Profiles page on the website.
  • Helping to lead discussions on the club listserv.

The Secretary is the third and final major youth officer position. The Secretary keeps communication smooth between club members, and ensures that everyone is on top of club events and developments. The Secretary is appointed by an incoming president to be a part of his or her cabinet. The Secretary may serve for as long as he or she is a club member. Duties of the CTYBC Secretary include:

  • Keeping minutes at meetings and distributing copies to members electronically.
  • Sending out reminders on the club listerve, website, and CTBirds about upcoming club trips and events.
  • Posting a report to CTBirds after a club trip, with a link to the trip report.
  • Assists the President and Vice President with club matters as needed.
  • Overseeing the website and ensuring that all pages are running smoothly.

Other club positions include the following (the latter two are appointed by the president):

The President Emeritus is the position that a former club President immediately slots into. The President Emeritus assists the President with club matters as the President sees fit, and continues to be a strong voice for the club.

The Head eBirder keeps all lists while out in the field (including other wildlife besides birds), enters them into eBird, and shares them with all club members. The Head eBirder also manages the club eBird account itself.

The Flickr Admin oversees the club Flickr group, in conjunction with the president. He or she helps new members onto the group, and with any questions about photography or Flickr itself. The Flickr Admin also selections a ‘Photo of the Month’ to be displayed on the club website. All members are welcome to post to the club Flickr group.