Young Birder Camp: Camp Cascades 2016

Camp Cascades

Above:  Camp Cascades 2016 members and one of the four tour leaders, (and the founder of VENT) Victor Emanuel, standing at Panarama Point on Mt. Rainier.  Photo by Louise Zemaitis.

Today I was finally able to finish going through all my pictures from the 12 day birding camp in Washington (July 30th to August 10th).  Camp Cascades (like other young birder camps, is an experience like no other.  It is not to often that you are able to meet intense young birders and naturalist from across the continent, go birding in some of the most spectacular habitats in the United States, and all while being lead by incredible, knowledgeable trip leaders.  Birding in the Pacific Northwest alone is magical.  A person can experience dense temperate rainforest, alpine tundra, boreal forest, dry arid desert, and everything in between in this part of the country.  Combine that with the 14 young birders whom you will make strong friendships with and you will have memories that last forever.  On top of all that, you get to see some pretty awesome wildlife (particularly the birds)!  Below is a link of some of my photos from the camp.  Enjoy!

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