Upcoming April Trip

On Sunday, April 24th, the club will be making its monthly trip to Litchfield. Northwestern Connecticut is well-known for its wide variety of nesting songbirds, some of which have already arrived for the spring. Things like Pine Warblers, Louisiana Waterthrushes or even some rare migrants could be seen on the trip. White Memorial Foundation, Litchfield’s signature birding location, also can produce marsh species such as Virginia Rail and Rusty Blackbird. Birding in more boreal areas around Litchfield gives us a shot at Ruffed Grouse or even Northern Goshawk. Young Birder Jory Teltser did a good job scouting the area today, pulling out Eastern Meadowlark, Rusty Blackbird and even a Sora! Next week’s trip should be an exciting and productive trip in an underbirded area of the state.

In other news, I’m proud to announce that the Connecticut Young Birders Club will be sending a team to Cape May’s World Series of Birding in mid-May! The team will consist of myself, Alex Burdo, Brendan Murtha and Jory Teltser. We may not win, but this will give us a great opportunity to vigorously bird one of the ABA’s best locations during the peak of migration. The World Series also provides a great fundraising opportunity for bird conservation, and we would greatly appreciate any donations. You’d be helping a great cause simply by donating a small amount for each bird species we see. With the abundance of teams competing at this event, there are great proceeds to be made to support birds. 70% of proceeds go to the CTYBC for scholarships and trips, while 30% goes to the Vermont Center for Ecostudies.

Peter Thompson
Club Secretary

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