On May 29, 2015, Mickey Komara had two American White Pelicans fly over at Hammonaset State Park.  Yesterday, the same two birds were seen (first) at Sandy Point, followed by Milford Point/Short Beach/Stratford Point, SHERWOOD ISLAND STATE PARK, and then COMPO BEACH.  Preston Lust and myself were lucky enough to get down to the coast and more importantly, WAIT.  Both of us had to wait over two hours for these birds, but it was worth it when we saw these massive black and white Western vagrants.  It was an amazing sighting, this only being the 8th Fairfield County Record, and to have American White Pelicans less than 6 months apart, at the same location (Tina Green had one flyover on the Westport CBC)!  Although not all the Connecticut Young Birders were able to see them, I was happy that these birds were enjoyed by others, across the state.  It just goes to show that patients pays off!

Westport American White Pelicans

The right most bird is in breeding plumage. Notice the “horn” on the bill. This is almost never seen in the state, because they are so rare this time of year.

Westport American White Pelican

Missing the Pelican on the Westport CBC wasn’t the end of the world…

-Jory Teltser

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