Prothonotary Warbler in Fairfield!

It’s always fun to see a rarity. It’s also always fun to see a brightly colored warbler. But to see both doesn’t happen that often. That was why a Prothonotary Warbler was special enough for my dad and I to drive down to Fairfield to see it. We arrived at the Audubon Larsen Sanctuary at 10:00, where it had been sighted that morning. We took a right at the Farm Pond and entered a marshy area. We walked around looking for the bird for about 45 minutes. Soon enough, I saw a yellow dot farther down the trail. It was the Prothonotary Warbler! We got great looks for about 20 minutes of the bird. While my dad and I were there we also saw Brendan, who saw the bird right as he walked in. The warbler flitted around and got pretty close to us before flying away. I got a bunch of pictures as well.
Prothontary Warbler!
This Blue-gray Gnatcatcher posed for us, but he seemed a little angry about something:
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

So, it was a good trip! Another great bird for the state of Connecticut for everyone.

PS: Here’s Alex’s lovely photo of the warbler from Wednesday:
Prothonotary Warbler - Protonotaria citrea

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