Sherwood and the Richardson Tree Farm

Four young birders met at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport at 5:45 for an evening of birding. Our first stop was the Sherwood observation platform where Brian was able to pick up a Northern Gannet followed by two others flying over the sound. Next we moved on to the pond near the model airplane field where we were able to find two Wilson’s Snipe, flushed from the grass.

Zach, Brian and Noah looking for snipe

We continued to the feeding station, notching American Tree Sparrow and Brown-headed Cowbird, with Red-winged Blackbirds being very evident in the same area. A good twenty-minute vigil failed to turn up the Short-eared Owl that had been spending the past few weeks at the park. With this we decided to move on to our next stop.

Red-winged Blackbird

When we arrived at the Connecticut Audubon Society’s Smith Richardson Tree Farm, it was still light but the day was fading quickly. However, in just the short time of day light we had left we were able to pick up Fox Sparrow and Yellow-rumped Warbler among others. Unfortunately, our main target, American Woodcock never materialized, but us young birders still had a great time talking birds and birding all the while.

Enterance to the Smith-Richardson Tree Farm

Alex Burdo

CTYBC President

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