Forthcoming Meeting – February 27th

Great Horned Owl - John Hannan

The next meeting for the Connecticut Young Birders Club takes place at Audubon
Greenwich on February 27th 2011. The meeting will help to decide on the calendar
of events for the rest of the year, appointing the roles of volunteer president
and online coordinator as well as dealing with any other business that members
wish to look at, so it is important to attend if possible. 

The meeting will be followed by a short trip to check out a couple of the local
birding sites. The meeting will take place at the Kimberlin Nature Center
at 9:00am and run until 12pm.

Directions are on our website:

Please contact Brian O’Toole for more details or to register for
this Free Event:

Brian O’Toole, Nature Store Manager & Volunteer Coordinator
Audubon Greenwich, 613 Riversville Road, Greenwich, CT 06831
Tel: 203-869-5272 x228 Email:

The Connecticut Young Birders Club provides young birders from across the state
the opportunity to get together on a regular basis and participate in an
exciting array of events and activities. The club organizes monthly field trips
to sites throughout Connecticut and in neighboring states (providing
transportation, when possible) and holds one or two meetings a year to plan
trips and discuss club management.

Audubon Greenwich helped launch the club, and staff continue to provide
organizational support and guidance. However, the young birders are very much
involved in running the club themselves, making decisions regarding activities
and trips, communication, membership, and finances.

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