CTYBC – Inaugural Meeting – 10/16/10

Pine Warbler – Luke Tiller

Eleven Members Joined us for the inaugural meeting and walk here at Audubon Greenwich: Alex Burdo, Nicole Segal, Manuel Carballo, Cameron Case, Brendan Murtha, Eamonn Corbett, Christian Alexander, Matt Alexander, Thomas Freund and Noah DeBoor

We were extremely proud and grateful to have Kenn Kaufman lead our initial trip and answer the huge numbers of questions on the walk which ranged from separating the calls of White and Red-breasted Nuthatch to the decision making process on English bird names at the International Ornithological Union.

It was a typically birdy day on the Kimberlin property and we were soon into our first few birds of the day. Our first highlight was a particularly showy and somewhat late Pine Warbler that was picking through one of the Cedars just by the intern house. Kenn pointed out the relative rarity of this bird as it is something of a habitat specialist and has a relatively limited range.

As we watched an American Kestrel zipped passed us up towards the hawkwatch sight, no doubt to be added to their days tally. We managed to pick up a few other raptors on our walk as well including a couple of overhead Sharp-shinned Hawks and a Coopers that was lurking down near the vernal pool.

Sparrows were abundant along the wood chip trail at the edge of the Orchard and we soon managed to pick out both White-crowneds and a Lincoln’s (a life bird for a good number involved) amongst the more regularly occurring species. A hike up the hillside trail and we were soon looking at an abundance of species that were working the poison ivy berries that were snaking their way up the side of a particularly grand Hickory Tree.

Kenn commented a number of times on the great habitat at the center and the importance of this habitat to migratory birds (as he would expound upon later that evening in his talk). A few more species were added to the days tally including a rather nice immature White-eyed Vireo (something of a rarity on the property) before we headed back to the center. Kenn kindly then signed members books and talked to everyone a little as he got ready for his evening talk, which a number of club members stayed on to hear.

All in all productive inaugural meeting followed by a really nice day in the field.

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